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Child Support Forms

Requesting Services

Child Support Application

Idaho Child Support Fees and Legal Costs

Filiation Affidavit (to establish paternity)

Affidavit of Arrears: Direct Payment when No Other State Claims Interest in the Case (use only when instructed)

Receiving Payments

Electronic Child Support Payments User Guide

Direct Deposit Form

Income Withholding Order

Income Withholding Order Instructions 

Modifying Child Support Orders

To request a child support order be modified by Child Support Services:

  • Call (208) 334-5524 or 1-877-891-7054, or
  • Mail a written request to the following address:

Child Support Division

Mail Distribution Unit

3402 Franklin Road

Caldwell, ID 83605-6932

Medical Support

Medical Insurance Information (Custodial or Non-custodial Parent)

National Medical Support Notice Brochure

Reasonable Cost Calculator for Employers

Credit for Direct Payments or Abatement

Credit for Direct Payments (Partial Satisfaction of Child Support Judgment)

Credit for Child Support Abatement

Contact Child Support Services:

Mail your Child Support payments:

Toll free: 1-800-356-9868
Boise area: 334-2479 
Fax: (855) 349-2408
e-mail Child Support Services

Idaho Child Support Receipting Services
P.O. Box 70008
Boise, Idaho  83707-0108