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Add or remove someone from my case

You are responsible for reporting any changes to the number of people in your household, which may impact your eligibility to receive benefit services, or the amount of benefits you receive. 

Someone is leaving your home
If someone is leaving your home and will no longer be receiving benefit services as  part of your household, let us know who it is and when they left.  See "How to report a change" below for ways to tell us someone is leaving your household.

Someone is moving into your home 
If someone is moving into your home who will be receiving benefit services as part of your household, let us know who it is and when they moved in.  See "How to report a change" below for ways to tell us someone is moving into your household.  Also, here's how you can speed up the process for adding someone to your benefit services:

  • Complete the Add-a-Person form.
  • Gather copies of this information for the person coming into the home.
  • Submit the completed and signed form and verification information together.

Adding a child to your child care case? 
In addition to the information above, be sure to include a Dependant Care Charges Form (HW0427), completed by you and your child care provider.

How to report a change

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