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July 02, 2016

Healthcare Provider Resources

Because the U.S. health system is going through major transformations, it is more critical than ever that the Idaho Diabetes Prevention and Control Program (DPCP) create connections with Idaho healthcare providers who care for people with diabetes. The Idaho DPCP believes that it can play an important role as a member of an integrated health system that benefits all Idahoans with diabetes. Coordinating and supporting Diabetes Prevention Programs, Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs, and facilitating the Diabetes Alliance of Idaho are just some of the ways the program can support communities throughout Idaho.  

Given that people with prediabetes and diabetes experience a myriad of complications, including high blood pressure, some of the resources here relate to blood pressure control and heart disease and stroke prevention. The DPCP works closely with the Idaho Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention program to educate the public and work with health systems to prevent and manage complications of diabetes.

A critical mission of the Idaho DPCP is to provide evidence-based and best-practice diabetes resources to healthcare providers throughout Idaho. We welcome your input to help us make a difference in the lives of your patients with diabetes and we hope that the resources provided here are useful and timely.