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About AHI Web Registration

Web registration is now open.  Employers, or their insurance representative, must register the employer’s intent to participate in the Access to Health Insurance program.  That registration must be done online through this website.  Paper registrations will not be accepted.  When you're ready to register, go to the secure AHI Web Registration site. 

Click this button to register your intent to participate in the Access to Health Insurance program.

Web registration will not close when 1,000 slots have been reserved.  It will remain open indefinitely.  It is quite possible that many more than 1,000 slots will need to be reserved in order to enroll 1,000 participants.   There are several reasons for this:

  • Some businesses reserve more slots than they need. 
  • Employers might decide not to participate. 
  • Individuals who do apply may not qualify.

We encourage employers to continue to register for slots and reserve a spot on the Access to Health Insurance waitlist.

This section has been developed to let you preview the web registration process.  It includes samples of the screens you will see when you register, as well as some details about the information you will be asked to provide when you are ready to complete the web registration.

When you initiate the web registration the first screen you will see looks like this:

Screen shot of the introduction page of the web registration process.

This is an introduction screen.  It identifies the minimum program requirements for a small business to participate. 

The second screen you will see looks like this:

Screen shot of the form to be completed during the AHI web registration process.

The second screen requires you to enter the business information.  If the physical and mailing addresses of the business are the same, you do not need to enter it twice.   

When completing the line that asks for the e-mail address of the person we should notify for submission of your application packet, we recommend that you enter the e-mail address of your insurance representative.  A notification will be sent to this e-mail when it is time to complete the next step in the application process.  

This screen also asks you to identify the total number of employees in the business, as well as the number of adult applicants requesting premium assistance.  When identifying the number of adult applicants requesting premium assistance, do not include the children who may request premium assistance.  Include only the number of employees and spouses that are interested in applying.

The third and final screen you will see looks like this: 

Screen shot of the confirmation screen upon completing the AHI web registration process. 

The third screen confirms that you have submitted your intent to participate.  It also gives you a confirmation number.  You should print this screen for your records.  The Medicaid Eligibility Processing Center will notify you when it is time to submit your application packet materials. Notification will proceed on a first-come, first-serve basis.  That notification will go to the e-mail address listed on the registration.