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The Idaho Behavioral Health Planning Council (BHPC)

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Severe mental illness and serious emotional disturbance are increasingly treatable with excellent prospects for rehabilitation. Treatment of mental illness is cost effective because it restores productivity, reduces utilization of services, and lessens social dependence and family disruption. The Council envisions a mental health system, which exists primarily to ensure the dignity and improve the lives of adults with severe mental illness and children and adolescents with emotional or behavioral disturbance, based on the following principals:

  • Recognizes the responsibility of all Idahoans to reduce the stigma and promote the recognition, understanding, prevention, early intervention, and treatment of persons affected by mental illness.
  • Emphasizes a coordinated service approach, including public/private partnerships, by establishing comprehensive community-based system of care emphasizing natural support of families and peers, culturally competent and serving diverse populations, and including the decriminalization of mental illness.
  • Is the highest quality, with the right to individualized services that are acceptable and accountable to consumers and others, with fairness and parity in insurance coverage.
  • Supports the concept of recovery through development of self-help skills and the availability of meaningful and appropriate employment.
  • Is respectful of and promotes the rights and responsibilities of consumers and families to participate in decision-making at all levels.
  • Is accessible to all, including those living in rural and frontier areas.

Pursuant to Public Law 102-321, the Idaho State Planning Council on Mental Health is established. (Idaho Code 39-3125)


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