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About Regional Mental Health Boards

As required by Idaho Code section 39-3130
a mental health board shall exist in each of the seven regions. The Boards' primary responsibilities include:

·         Advising the State Mental Health Authority through the State Planning Council on local mental health needs within the region;
·         Assist and monitor the formulation of an operating policy for the regional services;
·         Interpret the regional mental health services to the citizens and agencies of the region as needed;
·         Advise the state mental health authority and the state planning council of the progress, problems and proposed projects of the regional service;
·         Collaborate with the regional advisory council on substance abuse advisory committee;
·         Promote improvements in the delivery of mental health services and coordinate/exchange information regarding mental health programs in the region.
Membership consists of county commissioners; law enforcement; consumer representatives; advocates or family members; DHW employees representing the mental health system within the region; a physician or other licensed professional of the healing arts; a mental health service provider; a representative of a hospital within the region; and a member of the regional substance abuse advisory committee. A representative from each of the seven Regional Mental Health Boards is appointed to the State Planning Council on Mental Health.
Each regional mental health board adheres to bylaws dictating the procedures and operating standards of the Board. The bylaws outline the individual Board’s jurisdiction; members, officers, and elections; meetings, powers and duties; special committees and/or task forces; polices and procedures; and amendments.