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To find out if you are qualified to receive state funded services for the treatment of a substance use disorder, please call 1-800-922-3406 for a screening and referral to an approved treatment facility.

The providers of substance use disorder services are specially trained individuals certified or licensed as substance use treatment counselors; several types of treatment are available.

If you are a Medicaid participant, you can contact Optum's member line at (855) 202-0973.

Recovery Support Services (RSS) promote client engagement in the recovery process and provide services needed for support of continued recovery. Recovery support services are initiated with the client at the earliest possible point in the individual planning and service delivery process. Ideally, recovery support services are identified at the outset of treatment as part of the development of the individual treatment plan. Organizations collaborating in order to provide recovery support services should maintain linkages with the primary service provider in order to fully assess the effectiveness of on-going services and to determine if additional services are needed. 

State-Funded Recovery Support Services include:

  • Life Skills

  • Transportation

  • Alcohol and Drug Testing

  • Child Care

  • Staffed Safe and Sober Housing

  • Case Management

Clients are eligible for Recovery Support Services for up to 12 months following the successful discharge/completion of a clinical treatment episode. In the event of relapse during a clinical treatment episode or recovery support services an individual will remain eligible for all services; however they will be referred to a higher level of care or regressed within their current level of care as appropriate based on provider assessment. In the event there is a transfer to another level of care from recovery support services or within a clinical treatment episode the client will be a priority referral.