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Regional Advisory Committees

Idaho Code 39-303A directs the Department of Health and Welfare to establish a Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) in each Health and Welfare region.  RAC members and the chair of the RAC are appointed by the Health and Welfare Regional Director.  The RAC is to meet at least quarterly at the call of the chair.
The RAC provides the coordination and exchange of information on all regional programs relating to alcoholism and drug addiction in Idaho.  The RAC is a liaison among individuals, organizations, and agencies engaged in activities that affect community substance abuse prevention and treatment issues.
RAC members endeavor to become better educated about substance abuse issues, advocate for positive change, participate in legislative activities and public relations, make decisions regarding prevention and treatment options, and disseminate information at the community level. 
Please click the links below to contact the RAC in your community for membership and meeting information, and to learn about activities planned by the RAC.