Tips for Successful Implementation – Overview

Tips for Successful Implementation are supplemental tips and recommended practices for enhancing the implementation of the Infant Toddler procedures/process.  These tips can be found throughout the eManual pertaining to the specific section.

Tips for successful implementation include the following:

§         Making Monitoring Family Friendly.

§         Guidelines for Screening and Assessment.

§         Developmental-Appropriate Early Childhood Assessment Standards for Professional Practices.

§         Family-Centered Approach to Child Evaluations.

§         Cultural Awareness.

§         Developing Family-Centered Outcomes through the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) Process.

§         Implementing the IFSP.

§         Involving Dads/Men in the Infant Toddler Program.

§         Giving Meaning to Procedural Safeguards.

§         Natural Environment Service Provision Guidance.

§         Services to Homeless Infants and Toddlers.