Mailing and Residential Addresses

These are the addresses where an applicant gets mail and where an applicant lives.

§         If the mailing address is not complete and correct, one-party and two-party benefit payments will not be deliverable.

§         Apartment, unit, or space numbers must be indicated.

§         One address: If the participant receives mail at the residential address only, the address is written in the “Mailing” and “Residential” fields.

§         Two addresses: If the participant has both a mailing address and a residential address (the mailing address is a post office box or general delivery) both addresses must be entered.

§         A five (5) digit zip code is required. The four (4) digit zip code extension number is included, if it is known.

§         If the participant does not receive utility bills, the following items can be used by the DSP to verify residential address:

§         Any bill the participant receives (phone, water, insurance)

§         Bank statements

§         Social Security/ SSI Award Letters

§         Driver’s licenses can not be used to verify residential address

§         If the participant is homeless, the “MAILING Address” is Homeless, followed by a unique number (1-99). Homeless participants do not have actual mailing addresses. To avoid duplications for homeless applicants that live in the same city, the addresses must be different. The mailing address for the first homeless individual that applies will be Homeless 1; the fifth will be Homeless 5, etc. Only the participant’s demographics, self-declared income, signature and date are required to complete a homeless participant’s application. See Homeless Status (p. 16).