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Certified Family Homes - Providers Page

Certified Family Homes (CFH) provide a safe, family-style living environment for adults who need some assistance with the activities of daily living, but do not require a more restrictive institutional setting. Usually there are one or two adult residents in a CFH.  Each resident has a tailored care plan designed to meet their individual needs and to ensure they have the opportunity to participate in community activities.  The CFH is operated by a provider who has received the appropriate training and demonstrated the knowledge and experience to provide safe and effective services to the residents.  There are over 2,200 Certified Family Homes in communities across the state.

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Announcements and Alerts

REGION VI ANNOUNCEMENT - Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Region VI - Training Opportunity
2 Hours FREE Classroom
August 6th, 2015 @ 10am - Noon
911 N 7th (Pocatello City Council Room)

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Which Region Am I Located In?

Name Role Office
CFH Program Manager (208) 239-6263
CFH Program Administrative Assistant (208) 239-6273
Region 1 CFH Specialist (208) 665-8841
Region 2 CFH Specialist (208) 799-4431 
Region 3 CFH Specialist (208) 455-7129
Region 3 CFH Specialist (208) 455-7160
Region 4 CFH Specialist (208) 334-6944
Region 4 CFH Specialist (208) 334-0831
Region 5 CFH Specialist  (208) 732-1517 
Region 6 CFH Specialist (208) 239-6261
Region 7 CFH Specialist (208) 528-5720
Region 7 CFH Specialist  (208) 528-5726 

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